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The Recording Conservatory of Austin

The Recording Conservatory is the premier Audio Engineering, Music Production, and Music Business School. Because of our one-on-one mentor-ship approach, The Recording Conservatory is where truly passionate students are coming to jump start a vibrant career in the music industry.

Our proven curriculum is taught exclusively by real working industry professionals in real working studios. TRCoA is, in the truest sense of the phrase, a trade school. Our main goal is to hand craft you into a working audio engineer, music producer, studio owner, record label, or music business entrepreneur.

At TRCoA, not only will you create professional, radio-ready music productions, but we'll set you on a career path to owning your own business. Not only will you learn to be a Digidesign, Pro Tools recording, editing, mixing, and mastering expert, but you will learn how to initiate and maintain the business relationships necessary to be successful.

We take special care to create close relationships with each student. We listen to your goals and strive to help you reach them.

Open House Our open houses provide an opportunity for our students, faculty, and guests to interact with each other in a casual setting at our world class studio.

We regularly invite a music industry professional to come and tell their story . This gives the students and guests real world insight from someone who is truly successful in the industry.

Don't miss out! Come hang, meet the students and staff, and ask some questions.

*Please fill out the form to the right to attend.

Our students don't only learn how to make professional music productions but they also learn how to market, brand and create business for themselves.

Below are some examples of student websites.

Austin Texas Skyline Experience our One On One, mentor, recording arts program here at our amazing facilities in Austin, Texas, "the live music capitol of the world". Between The Grammys, SXSW, Austin Music Foundation, Austin City Limits, and the endless amounts of Austin live music venues, Austin is one of the most active music cities in the United States. And because the music community here is also friendly and open, this in one of the best places for an "up and coming" music entrepreneur to get started. Not to mention Austin is a beautiful city with one of the highest living standards in the country.

Screenshare You can also experience our One-On-One mentor-ship classes via screen-share from Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, San Antonio, or from whatever city you live. Through our screen-share,, and system our one-on-one mentor-ship classes will teach you how to both use efficient, home setups to make professional music productions.

-Due to classes being one-on-one enrollment is very limited. Please call for availability 512.231.0344.

Scott Harris, Owner of:

Big Bang Music

"TRCoA is going to help you figure out the process of going out there and getting clients, and when you leave the school you will have your own business set up for you."

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