Stinson Studios

Stinson Studios was founded on the principle that the best advertising for the studio would be the satisfaction of its clients as they leave with final product in hand. At Stinson Studios, clients can expect a very friendly, productive environment, as well as state of the art equipment.

Control Room A

Control Room A houses our largest Pro Tools System. With Digidesign's Flagship product (Pro Tools HD5 Accel), Control Room A has 24 channels of I/O featuring Lavry and Digidesign I/O, and up to 128 playable tracks of 24 bit audio. To accompany the power of HD5, the studio utilizes a variety of the best mics, outboard preamps and compressors, and the majority of the existing plug-ins created for Pro Tools. With these forces combined, Control Room A's Recording, Mixing, and Mastering is up to world class standards.

Control Room A Control Room A


Control Room B

Control Room B Control B houses a Digidesign Pro Tools 003 Rack system with Apogee Rosetta 800 AD/DA front end. Control Room B is used to edit, mix and master most projects. This room is also used to track singer/songwriter projects and overdubs. In addition to the Neve preamps and Manley compressors, Control Room B has access to all the outboard preamps and compressors located in Control Room A.


C Room

C Room The C Room houses a Digidesign Pro Tools MBox Pro system. This system's main focus is to provide TRCoA students a room to work on assignments and project editing needs.

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Tracking Rooms

The Live Room is an expansive area designed to track anything from an intimate classical guitar to a small orchestra. The natural sounding reverb is due to the combination of high ceilings and hardwood floors. The spacious area of the Live Room is ideal for tracking a live session.

Live Room Live Room


Drum Room The Drum Room is used when a tighter, more focused sound is required. The rich, warm tones make this an excellent room to track drums, percussion, vocals or guitar in.


ISO A Isolation Booth A is perfect for tracking very focused vocals and voice-overs, guitar and bass.